Thursday, 31 December 2015

A Year of Adventure - so what was our favourite place?

This blog post is the result of some serious soul searching, a lot of deep thought and consideration, and an awful lot of ruthless culling! Just how do you choose your 'favourite' from a year-long list of adventures!

In November 2014, we set off on a journey around Australia to explore unseen wild lands. In preparation for this, Caz and I sold or gave away all of our domestic possessions - our furniture, pictures, kitchenware, music, clothing, television, stereo, pot plants - you name it! Even some old, dearly loved, adventure equipment, got off-loaded - scuba diving gear and sea kayak! Just about everything went out the door and it felt great! On top of that we quit our days jobs and waved farewell to our home town.

What we held on to was our core adventure gear i.e. backpacks, ropes, walking gear and boots, whitewater raft, mountain bikes and panniers. For 12 months we lived out of our car, or our backpacks, or our raft, or our bike panniers. Many of our trips have made it onto this blog page over the past 12 months - the Jatbula Trail, Mt Murchison in Tasmania, the Walls of Jerusalem, the Kimberley, the Snowy River, Victoria's amazing Alpine National Park and the South-West of Western Australia. Many other stories are still to be told - our amazing 10 day whitewater rafting journey down the Shoalhaven River, walking the Mt Anne circuit in Tasmania, encountering swathes of brilliant wildflowers in the Pilbara of Western Australia, walking the Viking Circuit in Victoria and exploring the rugged Stirling Ranges in WA. These places sit like treasures in the lock box of our souls. Memories are our new possessions.

Now, we have come in, off the road, family and friends have one question, repeated over and over: what was your favourite……?

Friday, 11 December 2015

The trading route - Goulburn River National Park, NSW

Rough-barked apple trees and furrowed ironbarks are dotted across the grassy slope rolling down to a lazy river. This could be some manicured estate or a city park stretching away before us except, there is a rough, wild edge to it and an uncanny silence.

We wander through the sleepy bushland in the rising heat of an early summer's day. The walking is easy, the river shallow and sandy. Simple to crisscross when need be. Sandstone cliffs tower above us, honeycombed with caves and shelters. There are goannas, kangaroos, turtles, fish and mussels. It is a landscape that feels like a home; a place to dwell in, live off, travel through.