Thursday, 27 February 2014

Never Never River - Dorrigo National Park

This has been a good summer for canyoning. The humidity has been suffocating and temperatures above 30 degrees celcius for days in a row mean we have sought out cool, refreshing escapes each weekend. It has barely rained here for more than 8 months and the creeks and rivers in our neighbourhood are low so their rocky banks are easy to walk. But, water is still flowing in the upper reaches of the Never Never River in Dorrigo National Park and its deep black pools are breathtakingly cold. Up here the river is hidden beneath a thick canopy of rainforest, on the shady side of the mountain, and the stifling heat is a memory.

Sunday, 16 February 2014

Waratah Trig

There is, we have discovered, a good reason why this track remains unsignposted. It is certainly easy to miss the turnoff, which looks exactly the same as the path that leads to the pit toilet. However, those curious enough to venture past the overhanging bush pea and wattles will be lead through dry, forest to one of the grandest lookout points on the Gibraltar Range - Waratah Trig - a mountain that is also a sacred ceremonial site of the Bundjalung Aboriginal people.