Sunday, 17 February 2013

New England National Park - video

New England National Park is perhaps our favourite nearby national park. It has already featured on our blog page but here it is in moving pictures - a short video that Caz shot and edited after one of our visits to the park last year. This is shot mainly on Eagles Nest Track and Tea Tree Falls Walk. 

There are so many options for walking in this park, from great day walks to a longer three day walk down the escarpment to Thora in the valley below. There are also many wilderness walking options so check out the relevant topographical maps if you can - they are Darkwood, Ebor and Hyatts Creek 1:25,000. 

And, of course, stay tuned to this blog. We have more New England National Park trips to write up in the future.

Winter morning - Point Lookout

Wrights Lookout

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